Reactdash - React Dashboard Template

Reactdash is a simple and elegant React dashboard template. The combination of indigo color with gray makes the template look cool. Note: Reactdash is provided as a simple single component and makes no assumptions about how you want to break down, what API props you want to display, or where you get your data from.

react dashboard

Reactdash - Demo Dashboard

React dashboard examples for saving your development time.

React dashboard ecommerce

Ecommerce dashboard

React dashboard CRM

CRM dashboard

React dashboard cms

Cms dashboard

React dashboard analytics

Analytics dashboard

React dashboard hosting

Hosting dashboard

React dashboard project

Projects dashboard

React dashboard for saas

Saas dashboard

React dashboard sales

Sales dashboard

React dashboard for digital marketing

Marketing dashboard


Light & Dark Mode

If you are looking for React dashboard template with responsive layout and supported light/dark mode, Reactdash is the right choice. It's very easy to switch to dark mode even in less than 30 seconds.

  1. Open html file
  2. Edit <html lang="en-US">
  3. Add class="dark"
  4. Yup that’s it !
React Dashboard Admin Template
React Admin dark

Automated Workflow

Speed up your development process with modern tools. Reactdash included "Vite" to automate your workflow.

  1. Open 'reactdash' from terminal
  2. Running npm install
  3. Running npm run dev
  4. Yup that’s it !

Yes, I want this theme!

Template Features

Excellent features that are ready for build beautiful dashboards.

Tailwind CSS 3.x.x

We build react templates with latest version Tailwind css 3.x.x.

React Js

Built with the latest version of React js and React Dom.

Vite Modern Tools

Integrated with Vite for making your project automatic.

Powerful Plugins

Included powerfull plugins and React hook for make your site more attractive.

Well documented

Components, plugins, and build tools are all thoroughly documented with live examples.

Fast Loading Time

We uses lightweight plugins and components to optimize loading speed.

Light and dark mode

Very easy to switch from light to dark mode version.

Adapted from Real Dashboard

Demo dashboard is adapted from research on various real dashboards.

Modern icons

We uses lightweight svg and font icons icons to optimize loading speed.

Code Quality

Code is well structured and marked with clear comments.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive accessible from a variety of mobile devices with the best appearance.

Chart js

We use chart.js vendor to display chart data on Reactdash dashboard.

Reactdash (Js) Detail Information

Last update

January 2023




React Dashboard


Tailwind Css 3.x.x & React js 18

Include files

html, css, js, npm tools, docs


3,1 mb (zip)