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Jumbo is Dashboard Material UI that adheres to Google’s Material Design Concept. It streamlines the process of building your React web application by making it faster, more precise, and cost-effective.

In addition to Material-UI, Jumbo has a plethora of other robust libraries, such as React Query, Redux, and ReCharts, among others.

With Jumbo, you can significantly reduce the UI development costs and efforts of your project by 60-70% and launch your app ahead of schedule.

Demo Dashboard

Jumbo provides 360-degree premium support after purchase. You can quickly learn with video tutorials, online documentation, and other community members or raise a support ticket, and our team will always be here to assist you.

Dashboard Material UI highlights

  • React, MUI 5, Redux (A solid foundation for your next project)
  • A set of 20+ highly reusable components
  • React Hooks and Context APIs (Jumbo follows the modern standards of React coding)
  • JSS based styling (No other dependency, use what Material-UI recommends)
  • Extractable Components (Extract and use selected components in an existing Material-UI Project)
  • 7 Unique Dashboards (100+ custom use as-is components)
  • 10+ Layout Options (Simply start with a layout your application requires)
  • Easily customizable theme
  • and much more…

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