This guide will help you get started with a React Dashboard Template, including how to run and customize your theme.

Run Your Theme

So you’ve downloaded your theme’s .zip file, unpacked it, and you’re ready to start building! To view your theme, you’ll need to run your theme’s “build process” to compile source files and create a local server to preview pages.

NOTE: Template you are currently viewing is a React Template,
NOT a WordPress Theme!. Please DO NOT try to install files into WordPress.

Tools & Setup

React Dashboard is built using modern tools “Vite”. Follow these steps and you should be ready to rock:

  • Download and install Node.js, which we use to manage our dependencies.
  • Navigate to the root Template/ directory and run npm install“.
  • After Npm install complete, run npm run dev to start development.
  • Now you can edit source files and preview changes instantly with live reload

Yup, that’s it

Vite Task

When install processing completed, you’ll be able to run the various commands provided from the command line.

Our vite includes the following tasks:

Core TaskDescription
npm run devStart development process with generate css from /src/assets/css/app.css  and launch Local Server in http://localhost:5173/
npm run buildGenerates a /dist/ directory with all the production files 

If you are using MacOS please use sudo keyword in the command because they need administrator rights to install Gulp globally.

Product Documentation

You can read product documentation inside every product. For example documentation “Taildash” available in “taildash-react/src/documentation/”