React Material Ui Themes - Crema

Crema is React Material Ui Themes that is highly optimized and easily configurable. It includes an all-in-one package that uses React Hooks to write components in a more intuitive way, without the need for classes.

To ensure that Crema is fast and reliable, it is integrated with both Redux and Context API for state management. This also allows for easy customization of the template.

Demo Dashboard

Crema is fully RTL (MUI) supported, and is also available in multiple languages. This makes it suitable for use in various locations and with different user groups.

The template uses a fake API creator called ‘axios-mock-adaptor’ to fetch data, making it easy to integrate with real servers. Crema is available with both Pure Context API and Redux + Context API options to manage state, giving users more flexibility in how they choose to manage their data.

React Material Ui Themes Features

  • Three Modes – Light, Semi-Dark and Dark.
  • Thousands of color combinations to beautify the Template.
  • Six Languages Supported.
  • Fully RTL Supported.
  • 11 Different Layouts.
  • Code splitting and reusability.
  • 11 Layouts:-
  • Default
  • Standard
  • Mini Toggle
  • Mini
  • Full width Header
  • Full width Header with Mini Sidebar
  • Drawer
  • Bit Bucket
  • Horizontal Default
  • Horizontal Light Default
  • Horizontal Dark Default
  • Included Apps:-
  • Email App
  • Todo App
  • Contact App
  • Scrumboard App
  • Chat App
  • Wall App
  • Ecommerce App