Tailwind Dashboard Admin Template

Tailwind dashboard template will help you develop dashboard Html using the Tailwind css framework. Integrated with Npm, gulp, jit and browsersync for automatic workflow.

tailwind dashboard

Latest Tailwind Dashboard Templates

Tailwind dashboard admin templates for saving your development time. Very simple and easy to development.


Tailwind admin template for Cms, Sales, Marketing, Project, Hosting, Ecommerce, Analytics, Saas, Crm.


Tailwind dashboard template for Finance, Sales, Analytics, Sales Team, Crm, Support.

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Tailwind Admin Template Features

Excellent features that are ready for build beautiful dashboards.

Tailwind CSS 3.x.x

We build html templates with latest version Tailwind css 3.x.x.

Workflow tools

Integrated with gulp, Browsersync and Tailwind Jit will making your project automatic.

Edit From HTML

Easy to change Colors, fonts, sizes and all element from html file.

Powerful Plugins

Included alpine js, plugins and custom js for make your site more attractive.

Well documented

Components, plugins, and build tools are all thoroughly documented with live examples.

Fast Loading Time

We uses lightweight plugins and components to optimize loading speed.

Light and dark mode

Very easy to switch from light to dark mode version.

Adapted from Real Dashboard

Demo dashboard is adapted from research on various real dashboards.

Modern icons

We uses lightweight svg and font icons icons to optimize loading speed.

Code Quality

Code is well structured and marked with clear comments.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive accessible from a variety of mobile devices with the best appearance.

Chart js

We use chart.js vendor to display chart data on taildash dashboard.